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Our Homes 3, Sohna 

Construction Update : March 2021

Following is the detailed tower-wise construction update as of March 2021. 

When is the Possession? 

Construction is ongoing at a very good pace on site and we are glad to share that our team is working day and night to mitigate the delay caused due to the pandemic. 


Moving ahead, we want to give you a very transparent insight into how we are planning to take things forward. As most of the low-rise towers (A to S) are racing towards the finishing stage , we are hoping to attain part completion for the project by mid-June 2021. Which means, that once the OC is received and related formalities are completed, the residents of Towers A to S, can expect to get possession by Jul-Sep 2021. By this time, the high-rise towers (V,W,X) would be on the stage of completion, and accordingly we are planning and hoping to attain the OC for these remaining towers by October 2021. Therefore, the residents of Towers V,W,X, can expect to get possession by December 2021.

What does timely possession depend upon? 

We are committed to execute this plan with utmost dedication and sincerity. You are welcome to visit the site from time to time and see the progress yourself. However, as you would agree, this projected timeline can be achieved if “all goes well” i.e. there are no roadblocks whatsoever, and timely payment demand fulfillment from all customers plays the paramount role in this.

Balance Payment Schedule



12.50% Demand


12.50% Demand

How much time will Interior Furnishing take? 

After the OC, we would start fabricating the almirahs and furniture etc. for those who have opted for one of our interior Furnishing Solutions, and completed interiors will be delivered within 3 months after the OC.  

Furnishing Solutions

*Starting price excluding GST


Utility Upgrades: Almirahs, Kitchen Cabinets & Lights

1BHK - 1,70,000*
2BHK - 2,37,500*

Floor Upgrade

Floor Upgrade to Lioli Porcelain Slabs

1BHK - 1,05,000*
2BHK - 1,37,000*

The Pro Deal

Package Deal : Essentials + Floor Upgrade  

1BHK - 2,32,000*
2BHK - 3,00,000*

Fully Furnished

Complete bespoke interior design solution (including Furniture)

1BHK - 2,80,000*
2BHK - 3,80,000*

(Subject to availability)

(Subject to availability)

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